In Cargo Floor News

Cargo Floor have released a newsletter detailing changes that will be made due to the release of a new control box and toolbox.

What does this change mean:

  • The control box can be simply mounted and, without drilling, be fitted to your own mounting
    installation or the optional available mounting bracket;
  • The control box is almost leak proof lockable (thanks to the strong but flexible seal);
  • To try to prevent theft the control box has eyes with which it can be locked with a padlock (not part
    of the Cargo Floor scope of delivery);
  • The height of the control box has been reduced so the door is hindered less when opening if eventual
    obstacles, like side protection, are present;
  • The control box has the same type and length of wiring, with identical Deutsch connectors as
    supplied with the present control box. The wiring comes out of the box at the underside and can be
    led further from there;
  • The control box has the exact same functionality as the present one, the optional wireless RX TX can
    also be connected;
  • The control box can be mounted on an optional loose supplied clamping bracket. This bracket has 3
    height positions and can be fitted to any kind of suspension point;
  • The optional supplied mounting bracket can, depending on the shape of the cross member, be fitted
    without drilling with the help of the standard supplied clamping plates. Because of the pre lasered
    slot holes the bracket can simply be shifted to the right width measurement;
  • The length of the CF8 wired cable will be reduced from 11 to 8 meters. This length will still permit
    you to watch over the loading and unloading process at a save distance;
  • Larger distances need to be bridged wirelessly by purchasing the well known Cargo Floor remote
    control RX TX;
  • The control box is for the E operation as well as the B operation of every Cargo Floor drive system;
  • If a replacement for a previous supplied “old” control box in the aftermarket needs to be supplied
    then as a standard the new control box will be supplied.

Also a toolbox is available. This toolbox has the same measurements as the control box but it contains
several tools that could come handy for first aid:
1 x pressure gauge
2 x wrenches 17
1 x wrench 13
1 x red emergency control
2 x switching springs
1 x Deutsch connector with cable
1 x users manual
1 x solenoid Cargo Floor G(+GS)02 24V
1 x adjustable-joint pliers

The toolbox can be optional ordered with the same mounting bracket used for mounting the control box.