Used moving floor trailers

SJC Trailers stock used Moving and Walking Floor® trailers.  We try to keep a selection but find quite often trailers are sold before they arrive with us, guess we must be doing something right!

Trailers arriving with us undergo a full inspection to assess condition and what might be required to have them ready and back into good working order.  Our aim is to sell something you can go to work with straight away and start earning money. Whilst we stock mainly moving floor trailers we do have other stock trailers, from time to time.

Contact us with your requirement and we will do our best to find the trailer you need.

2009 Legras FMA Waste Trailer – Now Sold

Axles: SAF Disc

Floor system: Cargo Floor

Floor planks: Steel

MOT date: July 2019

Trailer has manually operate 60/60 nets

Price: POA

Recently Sold Trailers

2011 Kraker Trailer CF200

  • Now Sold

Axles: BPW drum brake
Floor System: Cargo floor CF500 SL2 E control
MOT: November 2016

2016 Kraker Moving Floor

AF disc brake
Floor System:
Cargo Floor CF500 SL2 E control
New trailer not due till February 2017

2006 Knapen Moving Floor

  • Now Sold

Axles: SAF Disc
MOT: November 2017